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Handmade Soap Making Course

Course Information

  • Course Price: R2500
  • Kit: Included
  • Duration: 1 Day
  • Certification: Yes
  • Start: Anytime
  • Delivery: Physical & Online


Wouldn’t it be good to know exactly what you’re putting on your skin?

Soap making is more than just a creative outlet, it’s a way for the whole family to learn and laugh together. Create lasting memories with your children as you teach them all of the unique ways homemade soap is made. Its a unique business opportunity as well.

Using simple ingredients found in nature, you’ll craft soaps that not only smell great, but feel great on your skin. No more dried out hands from chemicals and additives. 

Our courses promote the use of natural ingredients where possible, however where there is a synthetic ingredient that we feel gives a more professional finish to a product we will include those too.


Course Overview:

Lye safety
Making soap using the cold and melt and pour methods
Equipment needed
Key oils and butters used in soap
Fatty acid characteristics and how they can impact your soaps
Saponification explained
Soap calculators
Testing the pH of your soap
Storing, curing and cutting your soap
Using essential and fragrance oils and blending
Superfatting  your soap
Colouring and colouring techniques
Adding botanicals to your soap
Using fresh and dried fruit in your soap
Substituting the lye water for other liquids
Wrapping and packaging your soap
Rebatching your soap

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